Let’s talk about 5 Common Waist Training Mistakes and How to Avoid them.

Buying the Wrong Waist trainer

Although waist training is very effective for training your waistline and giving you an hourglass shape if you use the wrong product, you will not get the result you desire. The right waist trainer will be shaped like an hourglass. And will hold your tummy in without stretching or expanding. The waist training corset falls perfectly into this category. It is made with none stretch fabric which allows you to adjust the compression to any strength you can withstand.

Buying the wrong size

When buying a new waist trainer, make sure you measure your body correctly to avoid buying one which is “too tight” or “too loose”. Your waist trainer should be comfortable enough for you to wear it for long hours so that you can see the result you desire. If it’s extremely tight and uncomfortable, you won’t be able to keep it on long enough to get your desired result. And being too loose too will not give the desired result because there won’t be enough compression for the trainer to do its work. So ensure you ask for the help of the seller if you cannot figure out your size on your own. It’s also important that you buy from a reputable company that would be willing to do an exchange for another size in case you get your size wrong.

Expecting to lose weight only by waist training

Let me quickly emphasize that a waist trainer is NOT a weight-loss tool. It’s not primarily built to make you lose weight. Losing weight is just an added advantage to waist training. Some ladies will waist train, achieve their desired result without shedding any weight! Weight loss can only be achieved through a caloric deficit and that can only happen through diet and exercise. However, waist training can help you lose weight when you use it as a means of helping you reduce how much you eat thus making you eat less than you normally would which in essence translates into a caloric deficit.

Waist training excessively

Yes! Waist training can be excessive. We all mostly want to achieve our goals quickly. But training every day in and out will not make it happen faster than normal. You need to give muscles in your midsection a break just like you would your other muscles when working out. Waist training is working out too. You’re working out the muscles in your waist to take on the shape of your waist trainer. So have days between the week dedicated to just resting the muscles in that area.

When your expectation is too high

Your tummy did not become what it is now overnight. It probably took months, if not years of bad dietary and lifestyle choices to get there right? So why would you expect the solution to produce results overnight? It just doesn’t happen like that. Give your body time to first adjust to the waist trainer and then set goals including the length of hours you plan to spend training each day/week/month and then the frequency of training, taking into account your rest days.

Another area I need to discuss when it comes to expectations is wanting to go from extreme abdominal obesity to having flat sexy toned abs with the click of the fingers 😀. The truth is that if you are a size 50 waist, don’t expect your first waist trainer to train you to a size 20 waistline. It doesn’t happen like that. You most likely will have to go through several months of training with different sizes of waist trainers to get there.

A waist trainer doesn’t necessarily train loose skin. If you have a mummy apron/loose skin perhaps because you lost a lot of weight. The waist trainer will help improve your result but the loose skin doesn’t always go away. Your result would depend on how much elasticity your skin has, your age, etc that will determine how good your result would be. So speak with your waist training lifestyle coach about what your expectations should be before you embark on this journey.

Waist training is a journey. It needs patience and dedication for you to reach your goal.

So here are the 5 Common Waist Training Mistakes and how to Avoid them. Happy waist training ladies.