Here are 5 helpful Tips To Protect Your Mental Health During Self-Isolation.

  1. Get busy: Shower, create a routine of things you’d like to achieve daily and stick to it. This gives you a sense of normality and makes you productive.
  2. Be creative with your environment: do not stay in a location all the time. Move to your room at some period or the living room at some other period or even to your compound. Create different activities for yourself.
  3. Help others: if you’re in a position to do so, find a way to support others. This can be online. Even making others laugh and feel positive about themselves is a positive way to pass your time during isolation.
  4. Make the most of technology: social media is a good avenue to stay close to friends, colleagues, family and the world 🌍 at large without being physically present. And the feeling is equally satisfactory. So use technology wisely.
  5. Stay Away from Social Media Negativity: as positive as social media is, there are also negatives to it. Bad news, negative reports and lies pass round easily. Protect yourself from these. Dwelling on negativity at a time of isolation is bad for you. Instead dwell more on the positivity around you.

I hope someone finds these helpful. Stay safe folks.