Fajas are designed to compliment your body and even more so your post surgery body so that it heals properly.

It is best that you buy your faja after your surgery rather than before because regardless of the procedure you are getting ie Fat transfer, liposuction, or a tummy tuck etc you cannot tell how your body is going to heal nor the size your body will be after your surgery.

When you get a fat transfer always go with whatever measurements that your newly transferred area is and buy a faja that fits that area. The rest of the garment will now need to be adjusted to fit your body.

If, for instance you get a BBL, your hips would be larger (thus explaining why you cannot buy a faja ahead of time). You have to get a faja that will accommodate your hips properly because you do not want your new butts to be compressed. Which may mean that the waist will be too large. So rather than buying a faja that fits your waist all you need to do is to hold in the waist of your faja

Finally, as you become smaller post surgery and your waistline becomes smaller, it is best that you have your tailor hold in your faja rather than buying new ones.

So what am saying basically?

(1) Base the size of your faja on the size of your fat transfer area rather than on your waist. And then you hold in your waist to fit.

(2) After your faja becomes too big, rather than buying a new faja, just size down the one you already have. Do not go from 2xl down to xl once your faja gets too large. You only need to go and get your faja taken in.

I hope this helps a surgery sis out there. Please drop your comments, they help us do better.

And if you are finding it difficult picking the right faja then please feel free to contact us. We are always willing to help😊

A lesson in buying the right post surgical faja