Face Gymnastics and Training Your Facial Muscles to assist you to get rid of wrinkles, optically tighten your face, strengthen your eyelids, lift the corners of your mouth!

Face gym is a lot of activities focused on fixing and releasing face muscles.

Out of all the 51 face and neck muscles which add to our facial expressions and movement, we only utilize a couple. But face gymnastics changes all that.

With Face Gymnastics and Training Your Facial Muscles, we learn to train, if not all but a good percentage of our face muscles.

There is no age limit, to begin with, this training. The sooner you start the more your skin thank you later on.

If training is your thing and you love to workout then you already know of the benefits of a full muscle workout. Why not translate the same thing to your face.

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Dr. Liv Kraemer, a dermatologist based in Switzerland, shows us some ways to effectively train our facial muscles for a younger, wrinkle-free appearance.

She also clarifies the rationale behind exercising the muscles on your face and even uses logical charts for clear visuals.

She offers solutions for a few problem zones as well as how to work your lip muscles.

Who would’ve thought that the way we receive calls could actually affect our face? And contribute to giving us double chin!

Or that the way we apply our mascara could give us lines on our foreheads!

Dr. Liv explains how some facial movements and expressions could be exercising our muscles negatively.

She also shows us positive ways to train the muscles on the chin, forehead, and around the lips.

Watch Dr. Liv do her thing and practice with her.