Here’s How 2020 is looking…

The holidays are over!

Once again “Detty” December has come and gone!

You have indulged in everything from food to drinks to not working out as you should.

You have added the pounds AGAIN!

It’s time to shed some AGAIN!


If this is your story, then you need to prepare to join all the challenge that we have lined up within this year. So here’s how 2020 is looking at KSYBC.


1st Challenge: (1st February to 29th February)

Weight-loss Challenge.

This Challenge is of course focused primarily on loosing weight. So if you really don’t need to shed some then this challenge is not for you…at least the controlled diet part.

In other to shed weight you have to be eating and/or burning more calories that your body needs. This means that there has to be a caloric deficiency.

  1. We will watch what goes on our plates (i.e diet and portion control)
  2. Intermittent fasting 12noon to 7pm eating window.
  3. We will burn calories by being more active.
  4. For those who already have a steel boned corset, we will focus on reshaping our waistline.

2nd Challenge: (1st March to 31st March)

The Water Challenge.

There are several benefits of water to our skin and to control of our weight and our bodily system in general. Yet a lot of us fail to drink enough water.

Water is a natural detoxifier amongst other things. So this challenge is to encourage us to drink more water daily.

  1. You will have the water app that will help you track your daily water consumption.
  2. You will be waist training if you already have your steel boned corset.


3rd Challenge: (15th  April to 15th May)

The Bigger Butts Challenge😜

This challenge of course is for those who desire bigger butts

It is going to be a very physical challenge.

After all the weight-loss challenge, it’s time to concentrate on our core muscles. We will start with our lower body muscles i.e our butts/legs. We will be taking exercise and workouts that will encourage juicier and bigger booties😜😀

If you’re perfectly fine with your butts then this challenge is not for you.

As the time draws near, we will provide the full details of the challenge.

  1. You will of course be working your abs, thighs and booties
  2. You will be waist training if you have your steel boned corset


This is our schedule for the first half of the year!

Click on this link to join(Females Only pls): KSYBC

Once again Happy New Year! It’s a fabulous and prosperous year for us all IJMN!