A snatched waist is a new way of describing the figure that you get most often from wearing a Cincher, a Corset, or any compression garment. A snatched waist looks more like the figure of an hourglass aka figure 8 where the bust and butts are exaggerated because of the slim waistline.

So a waist snatcher is a modern term for a cincher, corset, or any other compression garment.

The Snatched waist, Zero Waist, or Instagram-worthy waist is the desire of a lot of ladies and is the new ”It” thing. It is the envy of all. Having a snatched waist doesn’t just boost your looks, it also boosts your confidence.

Here is what a snatched waist looks like

Snatched waist

You can see from the picture that the bust and butt areas appear wider than the waist giving off an exaggerated figure 8. Your Corset, Cincher, and most compression garments are shaped this way. It is also called the hourglass shape. There are different ways of achieving a snatched waist.

  • You can achieve a snatched waist by going for a plastic surgery procedure. Depending on where your body is in terms of weight, loose skin, etc, you might get just a liposculpture to remove the fat in your abdominal area, and then your surgeon sculps you like an hourglass aka figure 8. Or you can get both tummy tuck and liposculpture done. Your surgeon would decide which is best during your consultation.
  • Sweating it out at the gym is another way to achieve that snatched waist. However, we all know how challenging it can be to achieve a snatched sculpted waist in the gym. You would most likely need to hire a personal trainer who would tailor your fitness routine towards your goal. And even with that, some may still end up with a boxed shape.
  • Now you don’t want to risk life by going for surgery. Neither do you have the patience and endurance for the gym, then another way, and more popular is to get your figure 8 with the aid of a compression garment. Waist training has become extremely popular for getting a figure 8 in recent times since the Kardashian sisters first tweeted about using a waist trainer. But in fact, waist training had been in existence long before them. They only made it popular again.

Even those who have gone through surgery still need to use a compression garment and/or Cinchers and Corsets to sculpt their waist after surgery and to maintain their surgery results over time.

It is also easier to achieve a snatched waist, even if you decide to go the fitness/exercise route if you add waist training with a corset to your routine for a quicker and more pronounced result.

So next time someone tells you that you look snatched AF when you have your waist trainer on, take it as a compliment and know that they are most likely referring to your waist😊