I’ve often been asked if waist training will affect conception or your chances of getting pregnant. Or if waist training is safe before, during, and after pregnancy. There’s a quick response to douse your fears.

Waist Training Before Pregnancy

There is absolutely no evidence that waist training causes any difficulty with conception. Neither has waist trainers ever been promoted as a method of birth control!

Consider the Western women of the 19th century who wore corsets regularly from the time they were adolescents. Many of them had no problem getting pregnant 10 or more times over the courses of their lifetimes! In fact a lot of our customers have gone on to get pregnant even while waist training.
So you can safely wear cinchers and waist trainers everyday even if you are planning to get pregnant at some point.
For best results ensure that you are eating nutritious foods and do regular core-strengthening exercises. So that when you do become pregnant, you’ll be in the habit of taking care of yourself. And your body will be strong enough to carry your baby.

Wearing a Shapewear during Pregnancy

Once you confirm that you are pregnant, It is recommend that you move from wearing waist trainers or cinchers to wearing maternity shape-wear. This shape-wear is built specifically to accommodate the growth of your tummy and to help provide some support for your back because of the additional weight you would be carrying. They will also help you look smooth and fabulous in your clothing so they are absolutely safe!

Postpartum Belly Binding

In most cultures, and in the Yoruba culture, in particular, women are encouraged to bind their tummy after they’ve had their baby to help reduce swelling and help the tummy go back to the pre-pregnancy state. It also helps guide your uterus and internal organs back into their proper place.

So you see that women have been using postpartum binding techniques for centuries in different cultures around the world .These postpartum girdles are exactly like binders only more effective.
However, let your physician advise you before trying postpartum binding, particularly if you had a difficult delivery or a c-section.
For effective and safe postpartum binding, choose an adjustable garment designed to provide comfortable compression during those tender weeks following childbirth.

All our full body shapers (Fajas) and Latex fit belt are great for postpartum binding.

After about 3 months, you can safely resume waist training with your AEC corsets or Ann Chery cinchers.