Comfort is extremely important while waist training. Why?
If you’re uncomfortable 🥵 wearing your waist trainer, the chances of you wearing it as CONSISTENTLY as you need to and for as long as you NEED to wear it to see result, is very slim!

Your corset must fit properly. And you need to wear bras that are not poking you in the side or under your bust when you are laced up.

Under wired bras tend to have this effect. They tend to be very uncomfortable for long hours of corset training. This is why we normally recommend our waist training non wired bra for use if you plan on waist training for extended periods of time.

The Waist training 3004 Post Ope Women Compression Bra is not wired. And it is extremely comfortable for use with a cincher and a waist training corset.

Waist training 3004 Post Ope Women Compression Bra

It is common knowledge that your waist trainer and Cinchers automatically push up your boobs when you have them on so you really do not need a push-up bra or a wired bra for waist training! Instead, substitute such aesthetics with the comfort of a nonwired bra. A nonwired sports bra also works fine with your corset.

Any non-wired long-range bra would also work well with your corset. They would double as a bra and also help compress back fat. An example of such is our Bra For Post Surgery and Everyday Use 5150. This bra can be worn alone with your corset or as extra compression for back fat with your regular bras. It is extremely comfortable as attested to by our customer as seen in the chat below

Bra For Post Surgery and Everyday Use 5150

This means that you can trade your wired, push-up bras for more comfortable bras. You can even wear your camisoles (as the base of the corset) without bras. Your corset will give you the required lift.