Nigerian Celebrities Aging Backwards.
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How To Consciously Slow Down Ageing.

Aging is inevitable for all. We cannot stop it. Neither is there a miraculous portion that you can drink that can help you stop aging. We can however slow down the aging process and minimize its visible signs.

I certainly agree that Omoni Oboli and RMD are top-tier celebs aging backward!

My favorite celeb aging backward would be Kate Henshaw. She looks fabulous at 49!

The question is, apart from good genes, what are the things you can do that would help you age well?

Here are a few tips on how to slow down the aging process:

  • My number one prescription for all things: Eat healthy! When we were younger, we could get away with eating certain things but as we get older, we need to take charge of our dietary habits. Unhealthy food choices, which we all know, should be limited in our diets. Foods that are highly processed, filled with artificial sugars and preservatives should be limited. Go for more wholesome meals, vegetables, and healthy carbohydrates and fats.
  • Regular exercise is HIGHLY recommended. Do not allow your bones and muscles to become “rusty”! Create a regular fitness routine for yourself. Long walks, weight lifting, early morning 15-20 minutes jogging, aerobic exercises, swimming, dancing, etc are exercises that you can incorporate into your daily life.
  • Supplements: I know that there are certain schools of thought that believe that our food supplies enough nutrients for the body but I do not belong to that school of thought. So I recommend supplements. Heart-healthy supplements like omega 3, collagen, Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10), Vitamin A and C, Calcium, etc. However, speak with your health care provider for advice on which supplements would be best for you.
  • Take care of your skin, after all, your skin bears the visible signs of aging. Water is great for the skin, drink lots if it. You can spice your water with some fruits and vegetables like cucumber to make it more fun. Use anti-aging cream and sunscreens if you’re going to be in the sun more. For the ladies, make sure you clean off all your makeup every night before you go to bed. The makeup you use around your eye area, in particular, should be removed with a good eye makeup remover. I recommend that you use a good foundation daily, apart from it giving you a flawless look, it also creates a barrier between your skin and the environment. But make sure you wash it off every night. You can use olive oil or tissue oil to remove your foundation before you apply your face wash. This ensures that all the foundation is completely removed. Follow this with a toner.
  • Form healthy relationships and remove stressful situations and friendships. Any relationship that costs you your peace of mind is not worth it. Re-access all those in your life and do some cleaning where necessary.
  • Get enough rest. Seven hours of sleep at the minimum is recommended daily. Create time for some peace,quiet and meditation. Focus on the positive events in your life. Be more enthusiastic about life. Be positive.
  • Create time for recreation and socializing with people. Have an active social life but don’t overdo things. Find fun and entertaining ways to de-stress yourself
  • Eat to 80% of fullness. I strongly recommend this. Eat for satisfaction and not to be full. This increases your “feel good” hormones and can help in weight management.
  • If you’ve never been the type that creates goals and has a ”scheduled” life. Then this may be the time to start. Creating goals, writing them down, and drawing up daily/weekly/monthly schedules that propel you towards achieving your goals has a way of giving you peace of mind. It helps you focus on what’s important to you and ensures that you are living within your purpose.

According to experts, about 10% of your longevity is determined by your genes. The other 90% is in your hands. So take charge of your life now.

Remember to stay safe. Wear your mask and wash/sanitize your hands regularly.