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I’m Confused🤪, Which Waist Trainer should I buy?

If this speaks your mind then you need to follow today’s post.

There are several options in the market when it comes to waist trainers.

The first one I’ll talk about are the more popular ones.

The latex cinchers or what some companies call sports latex.

I'm Confused🤪, Which Waist Trainer should I buy?

Features of the Latex Cinchers

✔ They come with 2 or 3 hooks.

✔ They have latex outer and cotton inner.

✔ They have flexi boning.

✔ Because they have hook n eye closure at the front they can be worn discreetly under your outfits.

✔ They train your waist gradually and you loose inches.

✔ The 2 or 3 rows of hook n eye closure helps you size down the cincher as your waist gets smaller.

✔ They are great for Fitness & Workouts. So If you are on a budget and cannot afford to buy 2 separate garments for workouts & daily wear then these would function well for both purpose.

✔ They cause an increase in thermal activity around your abdomen when you have them on which causes you to sweat during use.


✖ They are not built for proper waist training as they do not have enough structure to support proper waist training. You can however start your waist training journey with these.

✖ They cannot be adjusted beyond the hook and eye closures.

✖ These are cut in an hourglass shape so they are not unisex.

***Male latex is sold separately.

Latex Waist trainers are available in sizes XS-5Xl. In both regular & short torso.
And in colors pink, purple & Black.

***Also available in brown ( non latex)

The Fitness Belts.

There are several brands of fitness belts in the market. But the concept is practically the same

The more popular ones are those similar to our Ann chery latex fit belt which comes with two closure ends made with velcro fastenings.
The first end of the velcro fastenings closes the belt around you while the second end of the velcro fastenings is the end you pull to create tension around your waistline.

I'm Confused🤪, Which Waist Trainer should I buy?


✔ Flexi boning is built into the back panel to help retain the structure of the belt.

✔ The velcro fastening helps you size down the belt as your waist becomes smaller unlike the latex cinchers which cannot be sized down beyond the hook & eye closures.

✔ They are particularly great for targeting & training the smallest part of your waist

✔ These are built specifically for workouts to target your stomach walls during workouts and do not get in the way of your normal gym activities.

✔ They also increase thermal activity around your abdomen when you have them on so they cause you to sweat during use.

✔ They are unisex so can be used by both male and female.


✖ However, because these tend to be a little bulky at the front, you may need to purchase another waist cincher to help cinch your waist under your outfits for regular use as these would be visible under your outfits.

✖ They are not built for proper waist training as they do not have enough structure to support proper waist training.

Fitness belts are available in store from size Medium to 2xl.

The Corset

The last Waist trainer I want to talk about is the WAIST TRAINING corset.
Notice that I put “Waist Training” in caps. This is because NOT ALL CORSETS are for waist training. We will discuss this concept later. Let’s focus on task at hand😁

If you’ve ever wanted a redefinition/modification of your abdomen or what is known as an hourglass shape (my naija people will say figure 8😁✌). Then this waist trainer is your best option.

I'm Confused🤪, Which Waist Trainer should I buy?


✔ Built Specifically for waist training. So gives you the fastest result

✔ Our corset has 24 steel & spiral bones so it is rugged enough for waist training.

✔ Ours have double layer of NONE STRETCH fabric which gives it an edge over latex cinchers which stretches. This helps it target your waist better for greater effectiveness.

✔ It is built like an hourglass which means your waist takes on the hourglass shape with consistent use.

✔ The lace at the back gives you a lot of room to size down your corset as your waist gets smaller.

✔ Aids in #lowbackpain relief.

✔ Aids in the treatment of #diastitisrecti


✖ You CANNOT workout in the corset.
For workouts you will need any if the previous two.

✖ Depending on the current state of your tummy, it may take a while before you can stealth your corset under your outfit. This however shouldn’t be a problem if your goal is to waist train.
So at the initial stage, you may need a supportive garment.

✖ Good corsets can be pricey but well worth the investment.

So now you are better informed as to which waist trainer is best for you.

If you’re still confused then send us a message, we are always happy to help😊

Corsets are available in store based on your measurements.


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