What does leisure mean to you?

Imagine finding yourself in this gorgeous environment as an holiday getaway!

How would you spend your time at such a leisure getaway? Would you be stuck on your gadgets like most often are or would you take time to appreciate the beauty of nature that surrounds you?

Most of us live on our cell phones and gadgets throughout our lives. We forget to bring in our environment’s beauty! The days when children play on their bicycles in the streets are gone.

When was the last time you walked around your neighborhood instead of being on your mobile or laptop chatting?

If you’re as guilty as most individuals know then it’s time to plan fun day outdoors, perhaps learning to ride bike, take recreation walk or anything else that brings you in touch with nature around you.

Spend time gardening or learning to garden. Learn to play a sport perhaps. Something that would help you exert yourself a little and burn some calories. Attend to anything else that would take you outdoors. Maybe an open air picnic with friends and neighbors. And also no mobile phones allowed. Absolutely no gadgets allowed.

Photo Credit: @roadtotaste