12 Piece Makeup Brush Set in Vegan Leather Case Holder

11,700.00 Exc Vat 12,577.50 Inc Vat

  • Beautiful pink
  • Comes with it’s own case
  • Contains 12 brushes:
  • Powder Buffer
  • Duo Buffer
  • Angle Blush
  • Foundation
  • Concealer
  • Dome Shadow
  • Large Shadow
  • Detail Shadow
  • Angled Shadow
  • Multipurpose Pencil
  • Angled Liner
  • Lip
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The PUEEN 12 Piece Makeup Brush Set in Vegan Leather Case Holder is the ideal assortment of cosmetic brushes for beginners to professionals.

  • Specifically this deluxe collection includes 12 unique brushes with high quality synthetic hair bristles that are essential for creating a multitude of looks.
  • Also includes an Easy Clean Up and Convenient Storage.
  • More importantly, it includes a 12 piece professional quality makeup brush set.
  • Also this set includes all the brushes you need for daily makeup use.
  • The packing case is also Durable and unique and will protect your makeup brushes.
  • In addition these are all stored in a lovely,compact pink travel case and this can also be converted into a handy brush holder
Easy Clean Up and Convenient Storage

Clean up of all of these brushes in the 12 Piece Makeup Brush Set in Vegan Leather Case Holder is easy and effortless.

  • Firstly, soak bristles in warm water.
  • Then swirl them in the palm of your hand along with your favorite shampoo or brush cleanser and rinse thoroughly.
  • You may then arrange them on a brush dryer and allow them to air-dry.
  • We strongly recommend washing cosmetic brushes prior to use.
  • Washing not only cleans the brushes, but also helps remove any loose bristles and particles that may have come into contact with them during manufacturing.
  • An initial washing will help condition and soften your brushes, preparing them to perform better over time.
  • Storing and carrying this great collection is no problem with the travel friendly and also daily use friendly vegan leather case/holder.
  • You can use this durable pink case as the storing case on the go or simply storing them.
  • You can also use it as the brush holder for handy daily makeup use.
This set contains the following makeup brushes:

1. Powder Buffer
2. Duo Buffer
3. Angle Blush
4. Foundation
5. Concealer
6. Dome Shadow
7. Large Shadow
8. Detail Shadow
9. Angled Shadow
10. Multipurpose Pencil
11. Angled Liner
12. Lip
And a lovely pink vegan leather case which can also be used as a brush holder.

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