Mara Boy-shorts Post-Surgery Faja Body-shaper



Mara Boy-shorts Post-Surgery Faja Body-shaper is high-quality, comfortable shapewear that will help you lose several inches in minutes. It has an open bust, a side zipper with an internal hook, and eye closure.

The three central hook and eye closure system provides more adjustability and compression, while the silicon lace edging keeps it from riding up your thighs.

Features of Mara Boy-shorts Post-Surgery Faja Body-shaper

  • It has a lycra inner lining that feels soft and fresh against the skin.
  • Side zipper system with inner hook and eye closure.
  • The silicone lace sewing edging prevents the Faja from riding up your thighs, allowing it to stay put.
  • The Faja’s silicone lace edging also makes it invincible under your trousers and jeans.
  • Because it is a butt lifter, it raises the derriere and gives it a “rounding” effect.
  • The crotch area of the Mara Boy-shorts Faja is open which makes it easy to use the bathroom.
  • It is very simple to clean.
  • It provides an ideal fit.
  • It’s also easy to put on and take off, blends in with your favorite outfit and has an elegant design.
  • Made with high-durability technology.
  • The ultrasensitive and lightweight microfiber materials help controls your figure.
  • Can be combined with any of our bras


  • Mara slims down the waist, abdomen, and back.
  • It lifts the buttocks and provides a “rounding effect.”
  • Mara Faja will help you achieve a perfect hourglass figure.
  • It has an invisible effect when worn underneath clothing.
  • Your figure is effectively controlled by the material.
  • It’s a very relaxing Faja.
  • It does not ride up the thighs and stays in place the entire time you wear it.
  • The Mara instantly reduces your waistline by up to 3-4┬áinches.

Today, many women and men around the world are actively trying to lose weight. The process can be slow and tedious which is why more people choose liposuction instead. After having liposuction, millions of people still suffer from loose skin. Fajas have been proven to work for male and females, to reduce or eliminate the appearance of unsightly folds of excess skin.

If you are ready to get back your body shape after you have had a baby, post-pregnancy. Make sure you buy our Mara Boyshort’s Post Surgery Faja Body shaper. It will help you get your figure back, while still being comfortable.

Mara Boy-shorts Post-Surgery Faja Body-shaper has been clinically proven to slim the silhouette by at least 3-4 inches.

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