Camelias Steel Boned Fashion Corset|Short Torso


  • Short Torso Fashion Corset
  • Fabric: Damask
  • 3 layers of material, a lot of steel (every bone is paired) makes it sturdy


Camelias Steel Boned Fashion Corset|Short Torso is a high-quality waspie-styled corset that fits a short torso body type & gives the hourglass shape by flattening the stomach.

You cannot work out in this corset. For workouts, please choose a Latex waist trainer or a fitness belt.

  • This fashion corset is perfect for tight lacing.
  • It fits comfortably.
  • It works effectively as a fashion corset.
  • Camelias Steel Boned Fashion Corset|Short Torso is a short-line type corset.
  • It works well with most bras.
  • This is not a deep curve design.
  • This is a nice corset.
  • It gives you a more natural curve.
  • The corset boning is at the correct angle makes it properly reinforced.
  • Camelias Steel boned corset comes pre-laced.
  • It is a heavy-duty corset so it is great for tight lacing.
  • The 3 layers of material and steel make it very sturdy.
  • The lace it comes with is very sturdy so it does not rip.
  • The Camelias steel-boned corset is fitted tight.
  • This corset can be laced tight.
  • It helps to reshape the waist.
  • It has a well-designed pattern so it’s very comfortable for long wear.

How to Choose the Right Size
Please choose the corset size that is 3″-4″ inches smaller than your natural waistline measurement.

For example, if your natural waistline is 30″ inches, choose the Corset size 26″.

Additional information

Weight 1 kg

3XL/34" (Fits Natural Waist 39"-41"), 2XL/32" (Fits Natural Waist 36"-38"), XL/30" (Fits Natural Waist 33"-35"), L/28" (Fits Natural Waist 30"- 32")


Camellias Corset




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