True Original Cologne Spray Mary Kay

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True Original Cologne Spray Mary Kay man

  • Although unconventional nature, but you love him still.
  • A true Original man is a passionate man, so his passion, not his job, is what makes him a success.
  • Although he is full of surprises but they are the good kind.
  • A True Original Man is open to new ideas.
  • He is all about you and his relationships.
  • A True Original Man is 100 percent authentic, never fake or phony.
  • Although a kid at heart, he is a man in every sense.
  • True Original Cologne Spray Mary Kay is a fresh clean scent.
  • It is for the man who boldly follows his passion into the next adventure.
  • He is also committed to family, friends and the world around him.

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  • Top notes: Lemon and Fuji Apple
  • Middle notes: Amber and Cedarwood
  • Bottom note: Patchouli
  • This male cologne spray is cool with high-tech packaging.
How It Works

The scent of a fragrance can change throughout the day. This is because different ingredients come into play at various stages of the fragrance’s life on the skin. Perfumers distinguish between the various stages in three ways:

Top Notes:

These notes introduce the fragrance and can last up to 15 minutes.

Middle Notes:

Also known as the heart of the fragrance, the middle notes unfold and develop a few minutes after the cologne is applied to the skin. They appear after the top notes disappear and can last throughout the whole fragrance experience.

Bottom Notes:

These create the final – and most lasting – impression. They can last several hours after the fragrance is applied.

Application Tips

Use the unique push button to eject the bottle from the cap. Spray freely where desired on the body.

The qualities of a truly original guy are now captured in a fragrance as unique as he is.

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