There’s a safe & effective way for expecting mothers to get rid of their pregnancy tummy after childbirth.

While most of us are usually overjoyed at the coming of our new baby, we are mostly not prepared for the changes our body goes through. For most new mums, one of their major concerns post-pregnancy is how to get rid of the pregnancy tummy.

As Nigerians, traditionally our mothers or caregivers would help us tie our tummy after pregnancy to help it shrink back to the pre-pregnancy state. This has proven to be extremely ineffective because we still have a lot of women who end up with really protruding tummies years after their pregnancies. Worse still is the fact that the tummy gets bigger and becomes a lot more difficult to shrink with each pregnancy.

This situation has made women seek out various solutions for shrinking their post-pregnancy tummies without much result. Some women go as far as having surgery to remove excess fat (liposuction) or even go as far as getting a tummy tuck which is an invasive procedure that involves removing excess fat and skin but also involves tightening muscles in your abdominal wall. These procedures come with high risks and serious side effects including long-term pain.

Almost every woman has a pooch that needs to be tackled after giving birth to their lovely baby. This can be frustrating especially if you have tried all kinds of workouts and still not getting the results you expected.

Traditional postpartum wraps work too, but they’re uncomfortable and can dig into your skin. They are also not suitable for use immediately after birth because they don’t support your uterus properly.

It’s time to take the traditional postpartum wraps to the next level with our cinch-me-up belt and corset combo.¬†

The cinch-me-up belt should be for part of your first needs after childbirth. You can start using the belt immediately after childbirth (if you had vagina  birth) or wait for your incision to heal before you start (for women who had CS)

The cinch-me-up belt is designed with a Velcro closure system that allows you to adjust it as much as needed until it fits perfectly

Follow it up with a corset 2-3 months after childbirth.

This Safe & Effective Way For Expecting Mothers To Get Rid of Pregnancy Tummy combo solution will help you flatten your tummy pouch and give you tummy tuck benefits by tightening your stomach, treating diastasis recti and abdomen separation, and giving you an hourglass shape. We refer to this combo solution as the non-surgical tummy tuck!