Here are some stylish ways to wear your corset over your outfits without concealing it.

How you choose to wear your corset (over or under your clothes) will depend on the look you want to achieve more than anything else.

You can switch up your look from time to time by choosing to switch between concealing your corset underneath your clothes and wearing it over. If you choose to conceal, then make sure that the corset is well “stealthed” and does not give itself away.

However, wearing your corset over does not diminish the result you get in terms of waist training and is also a perfect way to stealth your corsets in the early days when the corset is still not well seasoned, without having to worry about it being obvious under your clothes.

Wearing your corset over your clothes only takes creativity. But if you search on the internet, you will find a lot of style inspirations that you can try.

Here are stylish ways to wear your corset over your outfits without looking overbearing.

Corset over Jumpsuits/Rumpers

These styles are pretty and chic. The disadvantage of this styling your corset over your jumpsuit/romper is that you will have to take off your corset each time you need to use the bathroom. Other than that, it’s a sexy way to switch up your look when you’re dressed in a jumpsuit.

Corset Over Jumpsuits
Corset over Dresses/Skirts

Wearing your corset over a dress or skirt and top is the best in terms of convenience. You can easily use the loo without having to take the corset off.

Corset over dresses style
Corset over Skirts and Tops Style
Corset over Jeans/Pants

With your jeans/pants, you can choose to have only the top/shirt covered by the corset while the bottom part of the corset is tucked into your jeans/pants. Or you may choose to have the corset cover both the top and the jeans/pants.

The first method is more convenient in terms of making bathroom runs. You need not remove the corset if you have to go.

Corset over Jeans/Pants
Corset Over Shirts

You can style your dress shirts, regular shirts, baggy shirts with a corset and make them look more chic. I particularly like corset on shirts/tops. They look sexy yet casual.

Corset on shirts/tops/blouses

Which one of these styles will you try?