The Brazillian Butt Lift is one of the hottest procedures in the world at the moment. People who have struggled to build up a shapely bottom through targeted workouts, who have experienced tissue changes and sagging after weight loss, or who are just genetically predisposed to small, flat buttocks are often great candidates for BBL plastic surgery.

Women are able to completely reinvent their figures with this multifaceted approach to liposuction and fat transfer. Removing fat from areas where it is unwanted such as the abdomen, thighs, flanks and back mean that patients can not only create curvy volume in the buttocks but they can also shrink the waistline and improve contours in many areas at once for a dramatic transformation.
FAT GRAFTS FLUFFING OUT: some call it the fluff fairy. Some call it feeding the fat. I call it cellular vascularization as a result of full angiogenesis. As swelling goes down, cells become penetrated by vessels to provide proper avenues of nutritional sources, adipose cells plump. Gravity pulls on the cheeks and expand, and the booty drops and softens. This process differs for everyone. The “fluff fairy” usually comes around week 5-7.
Things that can cause you to compromise your result:
– drinking too soon (wk.6)
– Wearing jeans too soon (wk.8)
– Sitting too soon (wk.4)
– Driving too soon (wk4, 15min increments)
– Smoking (hooka is still smoking,wk 8)
– Not eating enough
– Not drinking enough water

It is recommended that you maintain a healthy, stable weight at that time and do not diet. It will take between 3-6 months to see your final results & sometimes up to a year.

**Significant weight changes will affect their size.

Once completely healed, the grafted fat cells you have should also expand and increase in size again when you gain weight.

Source: Taime Out Post Op Corner fb group.