The Return Of The Anklets!

What is an Anklet?

An anklet is a piece of jewelry that you wear around your ankle. It could be in chain form (silver, gold or white gold) or in beads form (mostly tiny beads).

And in India, women wear silver or gold anklets on both ankles.

Following the bracelet style, the term anklet is created from ankles.

Anklets have gradually made a return into our fashion world.

It’s not uncommon to now see ladies use anklets to adorn their feet.  Thus increasing their sex appeal.

But there appears to be several other reasons for wearing anklets apart from the appeal. And depending on which type you choose to wear.

According to, here are some reasons not commonly known, why some women wearing anklets.

  1. Silver anklets can relive you from leg pains including tingling, numbness or weakness of the leg and provide you with a lot of positive energy.
  2. Also silver anklets regulate blood circulation and helps in curing the swollen heels naturally in women.
  3. And it also helps you remain energetic.
  4. In India, wearing anklets denotes the marital status of a woman.
  5. They are used to help boost the immunity of the body.
  6. And are also used to help bring positivity into the homes where they are worn.
  7. Some believe that wearing them can help cure gynecological disorders, infertility, and hormonal imbalance and obstetric problems.

Most importantly anklets help adorn a woman’s feet and are now seen as part of a woman’s fashion ensemble!

So if you are thinking of adorning your feet with one of these, then I’d say “Go for it”!

The Return Of The Anklets!The Return Of The Anklets!The Return Of The Anklets!The Return Of The Anklets!The Return Of The Anklets!