There’s a misconception that  Waist Training and Exercising should not go together. I mean, most of our clients start off believing that waist training somehow frees them from exercising since it would help take care of their problem area which is their tummy.
But nothing could be further from the truth than this.
With prolonged use, a waist trainer can help you achieve an hourglass figure and trim your waistline, but it’s vital to remember that exercise is just as crucial for our bodies and overall health.
Additionally, if you wear a corset for 23 hours each day, seven days per week (removing it only to shower and change). Then, you might develop muscular atrophy, especially in your oblique muscles; certain routines can help prevent this condition.
The following workouts are ideal for anyone who wears their corset for more than 8 hours, five to six days a week, and should be done on a regular basis.
These will help strengthen your core muscles and improve your waist training results.

Waist training exercises: Plank

30-60 seconds of plank daily will help to tone your core and strengthen the lumbar area of your spine.
Apart from helping you develop firm abs, core strengthening workouts have many advantages.
The corset supports your upper body when you have it on. This relieves tension in your core muscles.
This may appear to be a good thing, the corset relieves the muscles of the burden of keeping your torso straight.
Your muscles may atrophy and become weak as a result of this. But with workouts like planks, potential core weakness would be completely avoided.
Waist training exercises

Waist training exercises: Bicycle Crunch

50 bicycle crunches will work your core, deep abs, and obliques.
The bicycle crunch works your abdominals and obliques when done the right way.
This was named the best exercise for strengthening the rectus abdominus by the ACE. The rectus abdominus is the abdominal muscle that makes up the “six-pack”.

Waist training exercises

Waist training and exercising: Reverse Crunch

30 reverse crunches work your core and the entire length of your rectus abdominis muscle.
It strengthens the rectus abdominis.

And relieves neck tension because it keeps your head level on the ground and your neck away from danger.

It also works the transverse abdominis, a deep muscle beneath your stomach.

Waist training exercises

In conclusion, do not wear your Corsets to the point of atrophy, corset training should in moderation.

Remember that ANYTHING done in excess could lose its benefits.