One very important thing that could affect your waist training result is “where you place your waist tape”.

Your waist tape is that thing that looks like a tape that runs through the middle of your corset. Apart from helping to bind your corset together and re-enforce the waistline of your corset. It also increases the durability of your corset by easing stress on the seams along the waist line.
Your waist tape is the waistline of your corset and should be placed directly on the deepest curve of your waist.

So here is the waist training: waist tape rule:

Before putting on your corset, make sure that your waist tape is placed on the deepest curve of your natural waist.

When you lay the waist tape where the curve is already, then it accentuates that part.

But imagine if you laid the waist tape 2″ lower all the time for 2 months…you are essentially starting to create a new indentation from scratch and this could make it seem like you’re not making any progress at all while in actual fact you are!

Look at the picture below. She’s been waist Training consistently for 8-20hrs for 2 months but feels as though she isn’t making any progress.

A closer look shows that instead of her making her natural curves deeper, she was actually creating another curve.

The dotted line on the upper image shows where her curve was when she started waist training which wasn’t too far away from her belly button. While the dotted lines on the second image shows that the curve has moved father away from her belly button indicating that she created another curve simply because of where she was placing her waist tape.

This made it appear as though she wasn’t making any progress at all.

So next time you’re putting on your corset make sure you set your waist tape at the deepest curve of your waistline.

Waist Training: The Waist Tape Rule.

This could make a huge difference in the rate at which you see a result😊