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How To Set Your Waist Goal When You Are Waist Training.

Before you start waist training, you need to decide on what you want your end result to be. This article tells you how you can set your waist goal when you start waist training.

So, what size do you want your natural waist to become, without your corset on, after months or years of waist training?

I have spoken to ladies who have unrealistic goals or expectations set for themselves. You cannot have a natural waistline of 34″ before waist training, for instance, and expect to end up with a natural waistline of 18″ after waist training for a couple of months! This is a very unrealistic goal.

While this may be achievable, it is going to take them several years and several sizes of waist trainers to achieve this goal.

And after achieving your waist goal, what happens when your waistline doesn’t look good on your body frame?

Woman with a tiny corseted waist

Because of this reason, I advise that you use this method to calculate your “desirable” goal waistline rather than picking arbitrary figures.

Although there are other methods of calculating your goal waist, personally I prefer the waist circumference method because it is simple and can be done easily.

Here is how to calculate your goal waist:


Goal Waist = 0.7×(hip circumference)

The standard acceptable waist to hip ratio is 0.7.
So to determine your goal waist, get a tailor’s tape and measure around the fullest part of your hips.
Let us assume that you measured 43″ around your hips, to get your goal waist using this formula above, this is what we will do;

Goal Waist = 0.7*43 = 30.1″

This means that a lady with a full hip measuring 43″ would look her best with a waist circumference of 30.1 inches.

Can you see how easy this method is?

Now use this same method to calculate your own ideal waistline.

Are you at your ideal waistline yet? Or do you need to train down to achieve that waist circumference?

Do you now understand how to set your waist goal when you are waist training and why?.

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