What Happens when you have a nickel allergy while waist training? The bones and grommets of the corset are nickel plated and may cause a reaction for someone who has a nickel allergy.

So this is a heads up for anyone who is allergic to nickel and may be wondering about an allergic reaction when they put on their corset; it will happen if you wear your corset on your bare skin and it will be very itchy!

The Solution?

Always wear something under! Preferably a cotton camisole. This would act as a protective layer between your skin and the corset.

Apart from wearing the camisole to protect your skin from a nickel allergy (for those who have an allergic reaction to nickel), it also does the following;

1. It helps to keep your corset fresh and free from sweat. When you sweat, the sweat falls on the camisole rather than your corset thus protecting your corset. And since your camisole is easier to wash, this is a better option.

This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t air dry and clean your corset every once in a while though. We will talk about corset cleaning later on.

2. The camisole will also help to protect your skin from scarring due to friction when you pull your lace at the back.

Some ladies have been known to get bruises at their backs while lacing up due to friction between their skin and the lace.

Continuous friction definitely leads to bruising. So it’s wise if you wear a camisole or a high waisted panty under your corset to protect your skin from such friction.

So basically, whether you get a nickel allergy or not, wearing something between the corset and skin is advised.

Steps to take when you have a nickel allergy :

  1. Stop wearing your corset.
  2. Treat the rash until it stops. Use a good anti allergy cream.
  3. Cover the hooks etc with clear nail polish if necessary.
  4. After the infection heals, make sure you wear a camisole before you put on your corset to prevent a recurrence .