If you’ve ever asked the question: What is a Faja? And why should I wear one? Then this article is for you.

Let’s dive into a little bit of history and research.

Since ancient times, women have are often obsessed with their figure. They want to achieve the ideal physique as dictated by their distinct eras. Apart from the 1910s and 1920s, a women’s ideal figure revolved around a narrow waist.
Whether it was due to genetics or fashion, you were to have a small midsection.
This is where Shapewear entered our universe. And it has since evolved from generation to generation.

In Spanish, the direct translation of the word “Faja” is the belt. And it’s pronounced as “Fa ha”.

By definition, it is a wide bright sash worn around the waist by Spaniards and Latin Americans.

What is a Faja? Why Should I Wear One?

  • Girdles are also known as Fajas, and they were brought from Colombia, one of the world’s leading cosmetic surgery centers.
  • They were mostly used by recovering liposuction, bbl, and tummy tuck patients to keep swelling to a minimum and maintain proper skin tightening. 
  • It has, however, been welcomed by young Latinas — and increasingly by other women — as a quick way to a curvy figure.
  • Even those in the business of selling Fajas were amazed by their return and widespread acceptance; they had gone out of favor before being embraced again for medical purposes. And there’s been an increase in their demand. 
  • They are available in a range of styles and sizes for both men and women, ranging from full-body suits to tight belly bands known as waist trainers or cinchers. 
  • The effectiveness of a Faja is determined by the fabric weight.
  • They are available in Powernet fabrics, Lycra, Cotton, Nylon, and Latex.
  • The tighter and less stretchy the fabric is, the more flattering and curvy the Faja is.

Why Should I Wear a Faja?

  • We already know that Fajas were first created for women who have undergone plastic surgery to help them reduce swelling and to help the skin bind back faster after a liposuction procedure.
  • Anyone who has gone through a plastic surgery procedure must wear a Faja for these reasons.
  • In addition, you will get a better result if you wear the right Faja after surgery.
  • Women who have not had surgery have also embraced the use of a Faja to get a more defined “coke bottle” shape.

Cynthia is a 27year old banker who has worn a Faja for the last one and a half years consistently. She swears that it helped her achieve her 28 inches waist and hourglass shape!
Cynthia has never had surgery.

Women like Cynthia have resorted to wearing Fajas daily. This helps them get a more flattery figure even without having surgery.

Because Fajas hold you in and give you a smooth look, they will aid with the shape and compression of your belly pouch.

Features of a Faja

  • They are shaped like an hourglass or a coke bottle.
  • The way they work is that they mold your body into the shape of the Faja with consistent use.
  • This means that the more consistently you wear your Faja, the more it “trains” your figure into the shape of an hourglass and the flatter your tummy becomes.
  • Combining the use of a Faja with a healthy diet and exercise gives you a faster and more visible result.

How to pick the right one.

  • The choice of Faja and individual picks would depend on their preference in terms of style and the particular area they choose to focus their efforts on.
  • Some people prefer a bodysuit Faja or a cincher-style Faja because they want to focus efforts on their tummy alone.
  • While for others, they prefer a full Faja with sleeves because they want to work on their tummy, thighs, and arms.
  • And some others prefer a Faja that can also lift the buttocks because they want to accentuate their bum while flattening their tummy for a more proportionate look. 
  • It’s best to discuss the result you want with a Faja seller who understands all the options and can advise you accordingly.


Well-made Fajas can be quite expensive, so you should speak with someone who can help you make the right choice.

Some companies sell custom-made Fajas, but those often cost more than OTCs. Make sure that you need a custom Faja before you order one. This is because OTC (over-the-counter) Fajas are also great if you buy the right size. And it’s easy to adjust your OTCs to suit your own measurements.