What is the Corset “Penis”And What Does It Look Like? I mentioned the phrase “Corset Penis” to my 10-year-old son today and he laughed real hard!

Making a crooked face he asked

“Why is it called that mum? I’m sure it’s the Americans that came up with that name”! He said, grinning.

Now this time I laughed! The Americans! Lol!

But Seriously What is the Corset “Penis”And What Does It Look Like?

The corset penis is the protrusion that you notice at the bottom end (front) of your corset when you put it on. It is most visible when you wear a body con or fitted dress/pants.

The penis is usually caused by the lower belly/mummy apron pushing against the corset and preventing it from lying flat against the skin.

The corset penis is usually very prominent in the first few weeks or months for some. The penis can go away with time especially if the lower belly (mummy apron) shrinks or when the trainer forms to one’s body.

How to manage the corset penis?

Some ladies use shape wear to help flatten the penis to the skin while others choose to wear their corsets at home until it flattens to the skin.

Some, however, choose to wear more comfortable, free flowing outfits such as peplum tops or dresses until the penis goes down.

It is ok to choose whatever works for you. Remember that this is your journey.



Let’s use the personal experience of this customer as case study:


“I had a very saggy lower belly (that’s why I got “waisted” in the first place).

I had the corset penis appearing for months particularly under by body con dresses.

Also,I wore jeans mostly and also tried using high waist panties to force it to lie flat.

My first corset was a CURVY in “Regular” (i.e. torso length of 13). But after 8 months of waist training, I got a TORPEDO in “short” (i.e. torso length 11.5) because the curvy began to feel too long after a while. Such that when I sit, I would feel it on my thighs.”

So why was she sized a short almost a year later?

It was because her torso length reduced from 13 to 11.5 (now to 10.5) because her tummy shrunk and she did not need a regular length torso trainer anymore!

This is a huge possibility and this of course is why we are training right? To finish the tummy!

Can she still wear her old corset with the regular length of 13?

Of course! It’s just that now she has the freedom of wearing shorter corsets for more comfort because the mummy apron has disappeared!

This is why you need to be sized by an expert before you buy your corset!

Walk into our store to get fitted or send us a direct message here or via Messenger/WhatsApp/Viber for assistance. And you can also video call us as you measure (particularly your torso)or fit your corset.
For most people who have stopped training, the length of the torso and the corset penis have been the most common reasons why they quit.

If your tummy shrinks like our member’s own and the trainer feels different, then it’s time to order another one. Remember that the length of your corset is very important. This is why we would often ask you to re-take the measurement of your length (torso) countless times if we feel that something is a bit off and you might be measuring wrong.


For those still dealing with the corset penis, please do not despair. Continue to train at home until you feel comfortable enough to either wear it out like that or till the penis disappears.

Remember that the waist trainer is firstly that, a WAIST TRAINER! It is built specifically to train your waist until its flatter and you take on the hourglass shape. So give it a chance to work.



Happy Waist Training ladies!