Making the right waist cincher choice can be a bit tasking. In this article, we will be discussing the points you need to consider before making a choice.

According to Wikipedia, A waist cincher (sometimes also referred to as a waspie) is a belt worn around the waist to make the wearer’s waist physically smaller, or to create the illusion of being smaller.

In our store, we carry 3 different categories of Waist Cinchers; these are

  • Corset Waist Cinchers
  • The Latex Waist Cinchers
  • The Non-Latex 3 Hook Cinchers.

Now you may wonder what the major difference between these three categories is? I’ll show you in a minute.

Making the right waist cincher choice: A Corset Waist Cincher

What is a corset waist cincher?

A corset waist Cincher also called a waspie is often no longer than 9.5inches in length but could be shorter.

It often looks like a really wide belt and it can be used as a one to further give a dramatic look to an outfit.

The Waspie corsets allow for easier movements when you have them on, unlike the longer-length corsets. But just like the longer-length corsets, it is not advisable for you to work out in your waspie corset.

A waspie is used by women who already have a flat tummy and wish to concentrate only on training their waist. Or as earlier stated, it could be used to replace a belt (a fashion waspie corset can also be used in this instance).

So if your tummy still bulges then you are not a good candidate for a waspie waist trainer (go for longer-length corsets instead) except you want to use it as a belt replacement in which case the outfit you choose to wear it on must be able to conceal your stomach bulge.

Making the right Waist Cincher Choice
A waspie Corset


Latex Waist Cincher

When most ladies talk about a waist Cincher, they are often referring to this category of Cinchers.

These cinchers are made with outer latex and inner cotton covering and can be worn by all categories of women ie slim, and more endowed women alike. 

They also come in different torso lengths ie torso lengths 11 & 12 for women with shorter torso lengths and length 13 for women with more regular torso lengths.

Apart from the length, they also come in different colors and fabric options.

In our store, we carry them in 3 different fabric categories

The Plain Latex

These were the original latex patterns released by our manufacturers. They are simply rubber with no extra layer of fabric except for the cotton inner used to cover the latex to protect your skin on the inside. These plain category are lightweight for people who prefer the cinchers lighter. They come in black and also come in 2 torso lengths

Making the right Waist Cincher Choice
Plain Latex Cinchers

The Metallic Latex Cinchers

This category of cinchers is also made from latex but they come with an extra quote of fabric that has a really shiny surface (Metallic Look & Feel).

They are thicker than the Plain latex Cinchers because of the extra metallic layer of fabric and might be preferred by women who like their latex cinchers thicker.

They come in a variety of colors ie Black, Blue, Pink, and Purple. 

Making the right Waist Cincher Choice
Metallic Waist Cincher (Black)

The Deportiva Latex Cincher

Our third category of latex cinchers is what we call the deportivas or sports latex (although all three latex cinchers can be used for sports and fitness).

The Deportivas are made with latex but also with an extra quote of fabric which in this case is just colored fabric (Not metallic nor shiny).

The extra quote of the fabric makes them thicker than the plain latex but not shiny like the metallic latex. They are available in Pink, Purple, and Blue.

They also come in different torso lengths. So make sure you’re mindful of the torso length when you’re buying.

Making the right Waist Cincher Choice
The Deportiva Latex Cincher
Side by side: Plain & Metallic Latex Cinchers

The Non Latex 3 Hook Cinchers

These cinchers are very similar to our latex Cinchers except that they are made from fabric and NOT from latex.

They have 3 rows of hook and eye closures at the front to help you size down and are perfect for ladies who are allergic to latex but would still like a cincher. Ladies who have done a tummy tuck and need additional later of compression can also use these cinchers as compression on top of their fajas.


Making the right Waist Cincher Choice
Non Latex 3 Hooks Cincher

All these categories of cinchers can be used (at specific times/periods) as added compression after a plastic surgery procedure.

If you need further help with picking the right cincher, we’re here to help. Call/Whatsapp: 08064614287 to speak with our representatives.