Do you know exactly what to expect immediately after surgery?

A lot of people go through their procedures without proper knowledge of the process their bodies would go through following such surgical procedure.

They are so focussed on the change they expect from their bodies afterwards that they forget that it takes a process to get there.

So here are a few things and emotions to expect between days 1 and week 8 after surgery.
  1. For the first few days or even weeks after your plastic surgery procedure, you will have REGRETS and wonder why you had to put yourself through the pain you’re experiencing.
  2. You will fear that you will not see the result you wanted. And everything will seem wrong with your result. You may even feel like there’s absolutely no difference between you pre and post surgery bodies.
  3. Surgery is not glamorous. It is rough and majority go through it not knowing how rough it can be. You will regret doing it. When all the pain and discomfort kicks in, you will definitely regret having put your body through it.
  4. You will wake up covered in blood the first few days after because you are still draining. Even sleeping will be uncomfortable and cold.
  5. The massages can be painful and messy especially while you’re still draining but are necessary for your results.
  6. Walking around will be difficult especially with a tummy tuck with muscle repair.
  7. You will feel stiff!
  8. You will feel saddened that you need help from others and beat yourself up for not being able to do it all on your own.
  9. Your faja will hurt. Plus you will struggle to put them and your compression socks on.
  10. Your neck is going to hurt from sleeping in unholy positionsđŸ˜‚
  11. Your appetite won’t be the same.
  12. You will get lightheaded and winded easily.

Don’t be alarmed! It is completely normal to go through all these emotions in the weeks following surgery. As time passes, it gets better.

Give your body time to heal and for your results to show forth. It takes 2 to 6 months to see any meaningful results!

Feel free to add anything I left out.


Source: Taime out post op corner Facebook group